26 January Australia Day Public Holiday

26 January Australia Day Public Holiday

Some of the history related to Australia day:

. Captain Arthur Phillip became the first Governor of Colony of New South Wales and making of colony soon with celebrating anniversary of arrival.

. In 1946 Commonwealth Government along with States and the territories agreed with Australia Day under one banner and same day.

Australia Day Celebration: The Australia day 26 January Public Holiday is also remember as the date of landing of the first fleet in Port Jackson in 1788 and in contemporary Australia the holiday is also marked as the official public holiday in every state and the territory. The countrymen celebrates this day with some indigenous way which is the community festivals along with citizenship ceremonies and concerts. The indigenous Australians who are known to be giving many other names to 26 January as the invasion day along with Day of Mourning or the Survival day ask for abolishing this date but the festival never ceases.

With the day celebrated as the public holidays in all the states and territories some of the public transport services are also closed and the stores are open but with reduced opening hours. The roads at times got congestion on roads as the public rush towards major events which happen at various stadiums and other such places. The symbols related to Australia are generally the same which is about the country and state symbols such as the national flag which is a combination of Union Jack, Commonwealth Star and five stars of the Southern Cross. The other symbols include the Golden Wattle and the national floral emblem which is the opal and the gemstone along with national colors of the gold and green.

The people who have their own way to celebrate the day off among other things to do on Australia Day 26 January Public Day makes a way to get involved with many family events. The people go for many events such as outdoor concerts along with the barbecue events and many of them love to watch or play events as most of the time or the year any big sporting event is getting held. The sporting event could be somewhere of the likes of boat race or the ferry race and the tall ship race. The Adelaide which is a great city to enjoy with parade, concert along with fireworks and many other ceremonies to keep the festivities going on.

Australia Day Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Sunday, 26 January

2024 Festival Date: Friday, 26 January

2023 Festival Date: Thursday, 26 January

2022 Festival Date: Wednesday, 26 January

2021 Festival Date: Tuesday, 26 January

2020 Festival Date: Sunday, 26 January

2019 Festival Date: Saturday, 26 January

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual