Australia Time Zones

Every country in the world is guided by time zones and the central time zone is guided by Greenwich Mean time or the GMT. The time zone in Australia are many as the country is divided into many parts as it is a continent island nation. The country has seen total of 6 time zones. It also has 3 dependencies which brings the total of 9 time zones. The Australia has mainland sates along with territories which is divided into 5 standard time zones. If the zone is to be asked then it has Western Australia, Queensland along with the Northern Territory and one cannot use Daylight Saving Time(DST) along with three corresponding DST time zones.

The Generalized Time Zones in Australia:

Time Zone Abbreviation and name:

1. ACT-Australian Central Time: Offset: UTC +9:30/ +10:30.

2. AET-Australian Eastern Time: Offset: UTC +10:00/ +11:00.

The time zones in mainland Australian are often referred as the generic name without much of differentiating between the standard time and the Daylight Saving Time designations. If for eg, The Australian Time( ACT) refers to both the Australian Central standard Time ( ACST) and the Australian Central Daylight Time(ACDT) which depends currently in the use.

UTC offsets:

The time zones are defined by their offset from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the Australia’s offsets range from UTC +8 to UTC +11. The UTC Offsets are known to be with half-hour and quarter-hour time zones.

* One thing in is to be noted that the time zones changes with Daylight Savings Time begins and ends.

The Time Zone being used in dependencies of Australia:

Offset: UTC +6:30 with Time Zone & CCT Cocos Islands Time and Dependency is Cocos Islands which is the territory

Offset: UTC +7 with Time Zone CXT & CXT Christmas Islands Time which is the territory.

Offset: UTC +12 with NFDT with Norfolk Daylight Time and Norfolk Islands is the dependency which is the territory.

* The Australian dependencies don’t use the DST.

Locations with the separate Times:

The Broken hill is the New South Wales but also uses Australian Central Standard Time ( ACST) which is also of 30 minutes behind the rest of the state. Eucla in the Western Australia is also of 45 minutes ahead of the rest of the state and it has it’s own time zone called the Australian Central Western Standard Time (ACWST).

The Time Zones in Australia:

Australia has also the complex set of the time zones and some of which has an unusual UTC Offset.

Some of the locations which also includes Eucla along with the Broken Hill also observes time zones which are different from the state which is located in.

Australian Time Zone History:

The Australian Time Zone is using the standardized time since 1895 and has location which is the country observed on it’s own solar time. Each from the 1895 Australian based time is located on Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) with the world’s time standard.

Thus, with moving in different state in Australia one has to get the watch set according to the specific time zone and in case of any flight operations a person has to match the time according to the Local Standard Time.

Australia Top Cities Time Zone

UTC+10:00 Standard & UTC+11:00 DST Time Zone - Eastern Australia: Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra

UTC+08:00 Standard Time Zone - Western Australia: Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton, Albany

UTC+09:30 Standard Time Zone - Northern Territory Australia: Darwin, Alice Springs, Litchfield

UTC+09:30 Standard & UTC+10:30 DST Time Zone - South Australia: Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Mount Gambier

UTC+10:00 Standard Time Zone - Queensland Australia: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns