Australian Body Art Festival

Australian Body Art Festival Tour

About Festival: The Australian Body Art Festival is one of the famous body painting rather competition which see a collection of best body arts along with face painters, wearable art designers along with face painters. The designers create and parade the masterpiece across five competition categories and the event manager Danielle Taylor which says that the theme of “Wild Things” is known in terms of the body art festival and also put on a colorful show for over 8000 spectators in Cooroy. There are so many sponsor opportunity which is available at this event and it provides a host benefits along with media coverage which is found over television and radio programs.

How to Celebrate Festival: The Australian body art festival is not only limited to face painting but sometimes the contestant go all nude and wear only beautiful colors with patterns which is into some iconic monuments or the wild animals along with various others designs and motifs. The tattoos and other form of arts with large scale full body paintings with smaller or more detailed work is referred as temporary tattoos and it camouflages the internal organs or body parts through best of the paints which could be in the form of inner-wear and thus it looks from far or near of a lingerie or bikini along with underwear for men.

The Australia’s premier body art event which attracts the artists and spectators from all over the world and not only that it also inspires street performers with various stalls which is organized to give the fun on all weekend. The event is known for it’s wide range of interpretations for the artists along with competition held with categories of brush and sponge or the airbrush and special effects with face paintings. The event showcases the competitions and exhibitions which is the wearable art and photography. The public feels it to their bones about the sizzle associated with it and it is nothing less than a phenomena to watch human canvases taking shape during competitions.

The Australian Body Art Festival is lavish and year after year it is exploring your own senses and then finding the craft on your body which also hopes to give the impromptu adventures. Many of the people consider it as a true escapade with fun and frolic and the true reward associated with it along with making the mortal canvases evolve in the most magical way.The human remains mortal unless he is touched by the finest one in you which lies within and comes alive when stroke in a gentle manner which cannot be described but felt and the same significance is provided by the Australian body art festival thus making it one of the most revered festival in Australia.

The Australian body art festival is one of the top tier body painting art event and the different theme which is all about imagination and creativity attracting spectators and painters from Australia and abroad with inspirational array of interpretations from artists over the women body parts reminds of the days of Picasso and Monalisa along with Leo Tolstoy who were the real artists and thy fulfill every dreams of mother nature.

Location: Cooroy QLD, Australia