Celtic Festival, Australia

About Festival: The Australian Celtic Festival which is renowned to be the premier Celtic event at New South Wales and it gives recognization to the different Celtic festivals and the nation each year. The unique atmosphere also brings the benefits to the nationally acclaimed Australian Standing Stones. The twenty different clans along with representatives from the six Celtic nations and the nation turns out to be a force which held annual Celtic ceremonies with spectacular events. The annual festival is held at 1st Week of May and tickets are sold from February 1st. It is held for 4 days and can be considered a festival which has entertainment for everyone which is across all ages.

How to Celebrate Festival: The Australian Celtic Festival is held at the Australian Standing Stones from Friday night until Sunday afternoon and on Thursday night’s there is 100,000 Welcomes which gives an insight to the weekend’s performances with non-stop entertainment along with activities till the Sunday’s evenings farewell concerts. Each year the festival has the program which ensures something for everyone along with Celtic music and the poetry performances which see the performance by both the Australian and international artists. The prestigious festival also gives the awards and competitions to the selected performers and artistes helping them to make their name even bigger.

The Celtic festival which is the celebration of Celtic culture and in modern times may also be available via dance along with Celtic music, Celtic art and the Celtic music with the food along with other mediums makes it one of the most famous festivals throughout the world. The festival is known to include religious and seasonal events which also includes harvest festivals and bonfires with storytelling and music festivals along with dance festivals. There are also specific and ancient type of Celtic festivals which is more like a cultural festival rather than one with merely a dance competition which could be easily referred to Irish dance competitions.

The concept behind the modern Celtic festival has got evolved during the course of the 19th Century and also into the Celtic revival with the growth of the Celtic nations. After World war II the focus of the Celtic nations has moved towards the linguistic revival and protectionism which is all about protecting Celtic languages. The Celtic languages has also led to the emergence of musical along with artistic styles which is defined as Celtic and most of the Celtic region is not only confined to a small part of Australia but it is widespread through-out Australia making it a widespread phenomena.

Not only that the other English speaking nations are also a part of the Celtic nations which is parts of Europe to be specific which is Switzerland and Czech republic with France and Germany. Also, the Ireland and Italy with Spain, Poland and Portugal with Romania and many other countries in North America are part of this Celtic festival where the festival is celebrated within different months. The Celtic revival has also led to the emergence of the art and decorative styles with ancient Celts and early medieval Celtic Christianity with the folk styles. So, enjoy the unique hospitality at the Celtic festivals and enjoy the Celtic experience which is famous about the hospitality and fun associated with it.

Location: Geelong VIC, Australia