Australian War Memorial Tour, Australia

About Australian War Memorial, Australia: "Australian War Memorial" is placed in Australia capital city in Canberra. It was built in 1941 by Government of Australia and it Architect by Emil Sodersten and John Crust. It is a memorable place for armed forces of the Australia country which also extensive Australia national military museum.

How Can Reach: "Australian War Memorial" is located in Canberra capital city of the Australia which is just 2.2 KM distance from War Memorial. It is well connected with Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane by highway roads.

"Canberra Airport" is the nearest and major airport of the Canberra capital national territory where tourists can get flights to all domestic major cities and the few foreign countries which includes Singapore, New Zealand & Qatar. It is just 4.5 KM distance from War Memorial.

Nearest Major Airport: "Canberra Airport" is the largest airport of the Canberra capital city which is just 4.5 KM distance from War Memorial. Tourists can get flights to all major cities of the Australia country and some international flights to foreign countries (Singapore, New Zealand & Qatar).

Taxi Services: Taxis services are available from "Canberra Airport" (4.5 KM) to Canberra tour.

Bus Services: Buses are available from "Canberra Airport" (4.5 KM) to Canberra tour.

Nearest Railway Station: "Canberra Railway Station" (6.2 KM) is the major railway station which is just 6.2 KM distance where tourists can get trains to Sydney city and Melbourne city.

Opened (Unveiled) Year: 1941

Architects : Emil Sodersten and John Crust

Location: Canberra City, Australia

Lots parking: Available

Nearest Tourist Attractions: Kemal Ataturk Memorial, Royal Australian Navy Memorial, Australian Army Memorial, Australian Service Nurses National Memorial, Australian National Korean War Memorial, Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial, Desert Mounted Corps Memorial, Legacy Park, Campbell Oval, Victoria Cross Park, George Cross Park, Remembrance Nature Park, Canberra Tracks - Alt Crescent, ISKCON Canberra, Canberra Museum & Gallery etc.

Things to Do: Participate on exhibitions, Events, Learn (Memorial Articles, Understanding Military Structure, Wartime Magazine, Glossary), Shopping (Apparel, Gifts, Posters & prints, Wartime magazine, Home-wares) etc.

Canberra Weather Temperature:

Months Temp. Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 13.7 13.6 10.9 7.1 3.7 1.3 0.2 1.3 3.8 6.4 9.5 11.9
Average High (℃) 28.7 27.7 24.8 20.5 16.3 12.5 11.8 13.5 16.6 19.9 23.3 26.3

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Distances from Australian War Memorial:

Canberra City : 2.2 KM

Canberra Airport : 4.5 KM

Melbourne City : 662.1 KM

Adelaide City : 1159.4 KM

Sydney City : 289.3 KM

Brisbane City : 1192.7 KM

Darwin city : 4053.2 KM

Perth City : 3718.1 KM