UK Holiday to Edinburgh Castle Scotland Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 13-March-2021

About Edinburgh Castle Scotland Destination: Edinburgh Castle is a popular tourist place which is situated in Edinburgh capital city of the Scotland in United Kingdom. The Castle was built in first time in 11th century then it was rebuilt in many times. Scotland is opened to general public visit and come here millions people per year.

How can reach to Edinburgh Castle Scotland: Edinburgh Castle is located in Scotland capital city Edinburgh which is easily access from all over world via air and water transport. Local UK countries tourists can come also via road and train transport.

Train Transport: Edinburgh Waverley railway station is the nearest train station which is just 0.5 Miles distance from castle. Tourists can get here trains to other major places of the United Kingdom and some European cities.

Road Transport: National Highway MB, NH-M9, A68 road, A1 road, A702 road and A915 road connects Edinburgh capital city to other places of the United Kingdom main land. Edinburgh Castle is exact 0.9 Miles distance from Edinburgh city centre. Glasgow city is just 47.4 Miles distance from Edinburgh Castle, Newcastle is exact 120.8 Miles far, Leeds is just 222.5 Miles far, Manchester is exact 217.2 Miles distance, Liverpool is exact 220.8 Miles far and London capital is exact 413.5 Miles far.

Flights Transport: Edinburgh International Airport is the major airport of the Edinburgh capital city which is exact 7.9 Miles far from Edinburgh Castle. Travelers can get here flights to domestic cities of the UK and foreign countries. It is the busiest airport of the Scotland part of the UK.

Things to do around the Edinburgh Castle Scotland: People can do many activities in Edinburgh Castle and city’s other places like watch historical castle, photography, watch war museum, Prayer in St Margaret's Chapel, watch Scotland military museum, enjoy picnic at Holyrood Park, enjoy swimming at Portobello Beach, boating on River Forth mouth, eat scottish street food and shopping memorable items etc.

Tourists attraction around the Edinburgh Castle Scotland: travelers can visit many famous places in castle and city which includes are the following.

Castle attractions: National War Museum, Museum of The Royal Regiment for Scotland, The Gatehouse, One O’Clock Gun, Edinburgh Castle - Mons Meg, The Witches Well, Wojtek the Soldier Bear Memorial, Genius of Architecture, Ross Band Stand, The India Cross etc.

City attractions: Edinburgh Gin Distillery, Underground Vaults, Holyrood Park, Calton Hill, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Scottish Parliament Building, Fountain Park, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Arthur’s Seat, Innocent Railway Tunnel, Gilmerton Cove etc. England holiday travel is a good plan to enjoy vacation in Edinburgh capital city of the Scotland to visit its worldwide famous Edinburgh Castle.

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Zurich city is located on bank of the Lake Zurich. city is covered three sides by snow capped mountains and its one side has beautiful clean water lake. The city has many famous places to visit such as Swiss National Museum, FIFA World Football Museum, Botanical Garden, Zoo Zurich, Le Corbusier House Museum, Museum Rietberg, Paradeplatz, Rote Fabrik - Cultural center, Missione Cattolica di Lingua Italiana Catholic church, Katholische Liebfrauenkirche Catholic church, China Garden, Wulp Castle Ruin, Wasserfall, C.G. Jung House Museum etc.