Katsushika City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 18-April-2022

About Katsushika City destination: Katsushika is a coastal city of the Japan country which is a suburb of the Tokyo capital city. Katsushika city is situated between of the Arakawa River, Edo River and Naka River. Katsushika is a famous tourists destination which is apart of the Greater Tokyo capital city. Katsushika is coastal city where has several modern age facilities of the new age city. Tokyo is the capital city of the Japan country which is also as coastal city. Tokyo is also a largest populated and economy hub of the country.

Katsushika city is well connected to other Japanese places via road transport. Katsushika city is just 27.3 KM distance from Tokyo city centre, Osaka commercial city is exact 514.9 KM distance, Niigata city is just 341.8 KM distance, Sendai city is just 341.9 KM distance, Nagoya city is just 365.2 KM distance, Hiroshima city is just 824.9 KM distance, Fukuoka city is just 1105.3 KM distance and Kyoto city is just 470.0 KM distance etc.

Japan is a modern and fully developed country of the Asia region which is situated in eatern of the Russia country, China country, North Korea country and South Korea country. Japan country capital is Tokyo which is the largest populated and economy hub of the country. Japan is also called first the Sun rise country of the world which is situated in eastern of the Earth. Japan tour is a good destination to explore Japanese people modern and social activities. Japan country is also famous in all over world about Buddhist temples. Dolls, modern Electronic devices and automobiles. Japan holiday trip and Europe holiday trip .

How can come to Katsushika City: Katsushika is well connected to other Japanese places via road transport, water transport, train transport and air transport. foreign countries passengers can come to Katsushika city via water transport and air transport. Japan country around has only Sea water and does not connect any other country land border.

Haneda Airport - International airport: Haneda Airport is an international airport where people can get air flights to foreign countries. Haneda Airport is the busiest international airport of the Japan country.

Narita International Airport: it is the second busy international airport of the Tokyo city where people can get flights to foreign countries also domestic places.

Tokyo Station - Travel Terminals: Tokyo Station is a busy railway station where people can get trains to other Japanese places where are available different types trains such as bullet and express trains.

Hinode Pier - Ferry terminal: Hinode Pier is the busiest international ferry / ship terminal where people can get ship / ferry services to foreign countries and domestic places also.

Katsushika City tourists attractions: Katsushika city has many famous destinations to visit which some are Higashitateishi Ryokuchi Park, Higashishinkoiwa Ichichome Park, Okudo 3-Chome Children's Playground, Okudo Nichome Park, Symphony Hills - Philharmonic hall, Katsushika City Hall, Katsushika City Museum, Horikiri iris garden, Kamichiba Sunahara Park, Kameari Ririo Park, Katsushika Niijuku Mirai Park, Oyata onsen Myojin Hot Spring, Shibamata Taishakuten - Buddhist temple, Tojo-tei House - Historical landmark, Mizumoto Kawasemi no Sato - Park etc.

Katsushika City famous Restaurants & accommodations: There are several famous hotels accommodations to stay days and nights. Katsushika city's some famous restaurants are Himalaya Indian Restaurant and Bar, Restaurant Mimosa - French restaurant, Indian restaurant sara, Restaurant Bar MARKET - Izakaya restaurant, Yakiniku King Umejima - Yakiniku restaurant, Mexican Restaurant El Sol etc.