UK Holiday to Leicester Square London Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 24-June-2022

About The Leicester Square London Destination: Leicester Square is a famous plaza which is located in London city of the United Kingdom. The Leicester Square was built in 1670 where also has historical fountains and other statues which make square more attractive.

How can reach to The Leicester Square London: it is situated in central London city of the United Kingdom. London is a global city where foreign countries passengers can come via air transport and water transport. Passengers also can come to London city from other European countries via road transport and train transport via the English channel tunnel.

Train Transport: Waterloo is the busiest railway station of the London city where people can get trains to other UK domestic places along with other European countries also.

Flights Transport: London city has two international airport where people can get flights to foreign countries and UK domestic destinations also.

Things to do around the Leicester Square London: travelers can do many types of the things to do in London city which some recreation and adventure types such as spend time at Square landmarks in London city, shopping in London's central markets, enjoy adventure & recreation types sports into the River Thames, enjoy riding on observation wheel - London Eye, rope way riding to cross to the River Thames, explore London city's historical landmarks, watch city parks, eat London local street foods etc.

Tourists attraction around The Leicester Square London: travelers can watch several popular places in London city which some are the following.

Attractions near Leicester Square: Clifford the Dog statue, Empire Casino, Cineworld Leicester Square - Movie theater, Bugs Bunny Statue - Sculpture, Bachata Spice Events - Salsa bar, Swiss Glockenspiel - Historical landmark, Chinatown Gate, Joshua Reynolds Blue Plaque - Historical landmark, Shakespear Water Fountain, Scenes in the Square Sculpture Trail, TGI Fridays - American restaurant etc.

Other attractions in London capital city: The National Gallery - Art museum, Statue of James II, The Fourth Plinth, Sainsbury Wing - Museum, King George IV Statue - Sculpture, Statue: George Washington - Historical landmark, Trafalgar Square - Plaza, Nelson's Column - Historical landmark, Equestrian Statue of Charles I - Sculpture, Admiralty Arch - Historical place, Benjamin Franklin House - Historical place museum, The National Police Memorial, Institute of Contemporary Arts - Art gallery, Statue of the Earl Mountbatten, Statue Of The Earl Kitchener etc. UK London tour travel is a nice plan to Leicester Square trip which is famous place in London capital city of the United Kingdom.

Switzerland tour travel is a well idea to Lausanne city tour which is placed in Switzerland country, Europe. Lausanne city is situated on bank of the lake Geneva which make city more beautiful and environment friendly. Lausanne city has several modern places to visit which some city parks, amusement parks, museums and many more. Lausanne city is well connected to other Swiss places via air, train and road transport. Its nearest international airport is placed in Geneva city.

Lausanne city some famous places to visit are Lausanne Cathedral, The Olympic Museum, Lausanne Botanical Garden, AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium, Space of Inventions - Science museum, Vufflens Castle - Historical landmark, Plage de Vidy-Bourget - Beach, Vufflens Castle - Historical landmark, Musée Fondation Deutsch - Museum, Lausanne Montreux Congress - Museum, Hermitage Foundation - Art museum, Aquasplash - Water park, Collection de l'Art Brut - Museum, Plage de St.-Sulpice - Beach, Beach Curtinaux - Lake shore swimming area, Port du Vieux-Stand - Marina etc.