Melbourne City Tours Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 17-April-2023

About Melbourne city destination: Melbourne is a metropolitan and second the largest populated city of the Australia country which is located on shore of the Port Phillip. Melbourne city also the state capital city of the Victoria state, Australia. Melbourne is a modern and beautiful city where has all modern facilities to live new age life.

Distance from Melbourne city: Melbourne is a metropolitan city of the Australia country which is very well connected to other native regional places via road, train, water and air transport.

  • Melbourne city is just 662.8 KM distance from Canberra capital city.
  • Geelong coastal city is just 73.5 KM distance.
  • Traralgon city is just 163.5 KM distance.
  • Warrnambool modern city is exact 256.5 KM distance.
  • Sydney port city is just 878.6 KM distance.
  • Adelaide port city is just 725.7 KM distance.

Australia tour: It is a good ideas to enjoy holiday in Australia country which is a modern and beautiful country. Australia country some major cities are Sydney commercial & port city, Melbourne port & commercial city, Brisbane port & commercial city, Perth port and commercial city. Europe tour trip booking, Japan tour trip and Switzerland tour trip booking.

Melbourne City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 15.6 16.0 14.5 11.8 9.8 7.9 7.1 7.8 9.2 10.6 12.6 14.1
Average High (℃) 26.3 26.6 24.4 21.0 17.5 14.8 14.2 15.7 17.7 20.1 22.6 24.4

How can come to Melbourne city: Melbourne is the second largest populated city of the Australia country after Sydney port and commercial city. Melbourne city is very well connected to foreign countries via air and water transport. passengers can come to Melbourne city from other Australian regional locations via air, train, water and road transport.

Air Transport: Melbourne International airport is the main airport where passengers can get air flights to other international countries.

Water Transport:Docklands is the main ferry / ship terminal of the Melbourne city where passengers can water transport services to other overseas countries and Australia domestic places.

Train Transport: Melbourne city has a central railway station where passengers can get train transport services to other Australian local and remote places.

Melbourne City tourists attractions: Melbourne city has several modern places to visit which some are St Kilda beach, Elwood Beach, MoPA: Museum of Play and Art - Children's museum, Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary - Wildlife refuge, Bunurong Memorial Park, Camberwell Sunday Market, Melbourne Zoo, Woodlands Historic Park, The 100 Steps of Federation, Cheetham Wetlands - Nature preserve, Cheetham Wetlands Observation Tower, Werribee South Beach, Little River Bird Hide - Bird watching area, Kirk Point - Historical landmark, Cobbledick's Ford Streamside Reserve, State Library Victoria - Public library, Melbourne Museum - History museum etc.

Melbourne City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Melbourne city has lots of numbers luxury and budget types hotels to stay safe and secure. Melbourne city some famous restaurants are Lazat Malaysian Restaurant, McDonald’s Western Ring Rd West - Fast food restaurant, Chaskah Truganina - Indian restaurant, Rustique Co - Restaurant, Jantra Thai Restaurant, The Boathouse - Restaurant, Pacinos - Italian restaurant, Rick's Place - Italian/Modern Australian Seafood Cafe/Restaurant, Corniche Restaurant - Lebanese restaurant, Stalactites Restaurant - Greek restaurant, Ragazzi Restaurant - Italian restaurant, Chez Bob Restaurant - French restaurant, Mint Lane Restaurant & Bar, McDonald's - Fast food restaurant, The Boathouse - Restaurant etc.