Fuji Mountain Japan Holiday Tour Destination

Posted : 17-May-2020

About Mount Fuji: Mount Fuji is a holy place for Japanese people which is also the highest mountain peak of the Japan country. Tourist can view it from Tokyo capital city when day weather clean. Mount Fuji maximum height is 3776 metres which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2013. Mount Fuji is also the symbol of the Japan country. Its base has a famous temple which name is Taisekiji Head Temple. Around the mountain has five beautiful natural lakes. Tourists can climb mountain only two month of the year which are July and August when where favourable to human rest of the year mountain covered by snow and which has freezing weather.

How Reach Mount Fuji: Tourists can access Fuji mountain by Road transport, Train Transport and by air transport. The best medium is Road transport to access Fuji mount.

By Air Transport: It has helipad to access by Helicopter. Its nearest international airport is Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) which is just 134.7 KM distance from Mount Fuji where foreign tourists can come to visit it.

By Train Transport: Its nearest have several train station which includes Kawaguchiko Station, Shin-Fuji Station, Gotemba Station and Nishi-Fujinomiya Station. Shin-Fuji Station is a Bullet train station which is direct connects to Tokyo capital city.

By Road Transport: Tourists can come to Mount Fuji by road from all over cities of the Japanese cites. Its nearest major road are Chuo Expressway and Higashi Fuji Goko whcih connects it other cites of the Japan.

Things to Do in Mount Fuji: Here has lots of option to enjoy things to do which includes Skiing in winter season, visit open museums, enjoy at Farm and Grinpa Amusement park, visit wild animals at Fuji Safari Park, enjoy Fujihakkei Hot Spring bath, visit car racing at Fuji International Speedway and visit five natural beautiful lakes.

Tourists attractions in Mount Fuji: Around the Mount Fuji has lots of tourist attractions which includes man made recreation parks, ski resorts, 5 natural lakes and museums. Its some most famous attractiosn are Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, Shiraito Falls, Lake Motosu, Lake Shoji, Lake Saiko, Lake kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Fuji International Speedway - Car racing track, Fujihakkei Hot Spring, Fuji Safari Park - Zoo, The Hakone Open-Air Museum, Iyashinosato ancient japanese village - Museum, Narusawa Ice Cave, Fujiten Snow Resort - Ski Resort, Tokyo University of Agriculture Fuji Livestock Farm and Grinpa - Amusement park etc. Japan tour vacation is a good plan to visit Mount Fuji which is a famous tourist destination of the country.

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