Europe Holiday to Ostia Antica Rome Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 31-Oct-2022

About Ostia Antica Rome Destination: Ostia Antica is a popular archaeological site which is situated near of the Rome city in Italy country. It is situated on mouth of the River Tiber which total area land is 50 hectares. It is a good designation to explore Ancient Rome culture and social activities.

How Can Reach to Ostia Antica Rome: It is situated near of the Rome capital city in Italy country, Europe. Rome city is good connected to all over world via water and air transport where has international airport and seaport.

By Air Transport: Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is the main and busiest airport of the Italy country which is located near of the Sea shore.

By train Transport: Ostia Antica - Train station is the main railway station of the archaeological site where people can get local trains to transport other local cities.

Things to Do near of Ostia Antica Rome: Travelers can do several recreation and adventure types activities in Rome capital city which some are watch Roman Empire period historical places, watch famous museum of the Rome city etc.

Tourists attractions near of Ostia Antica Rome: Travelers can watch several popular places in Rome capital city such as the following.

Attractions near Ostia Antica archaeological site: Teatro di Ostia - Historical landmark, Mithraeum at the Baths of Mithra - Historical landmark, Sinagoga di Ostia Antica - Historical landmark, Marciana's - Excavations of Old Ostia - Monument, Borgo di Gregoriopoli - Ostia Antica - Historical landmark, Circolo Nautico Tecnomar - Boat club, Centro Equestre Roma asd - Equestrian facility, Ingresso Area Archeologica - Archaeological museum, RESTI DI ABITAZIONI ROMANE ANTICHE - Museum etc.

Other attractions in Rome capital city: La fattoria degli animali - Animal park, Cappella della Santissima Concezione - Church, La Spiaggetta - Beach, Via Severiana - tratto antica pavimentazione romana - Historical landmark, Riserva Naturale Statale del Litorale Romano - Nature preserve, Villa cosiddetta di Plinio - Historical landmark, Pontile di Ostia - Observation deck, Tor San Michele, Porto Turistico di Roma - Marina, Area Archeologica dei Porti di Claudio e di Traiano - Historical landmark etc. Switzerland trip travel Booking; Europe trip travel is a good idea to Ostia Antica archaeological site tour which is situated near of the Rome capital city in Italy country, Europe.

Japan trip travel is a good idea to Aomori port city tour which is located in northern in Japan country. Aomori is a modern and fully developed city where also has international seaport and airport which connects city to other foreign countries and Japanese domestic places. Aomori city is a well destination to explore Japanese local people modern, culture and social activities. Aomori city also has bullet train station which name is Shin-Aomori Station where passengers can get trains to other domestic places.

Aomori port city has several places to visit which some are Sannai Maruyama Special Historical Site - Historical landmark, Aomori Prefecture Tourism Information Center ASPAM, Aomori Museum of History - Heritage museum, Aomori city Medieval pavilion - Local history museum, Gappo Park, Aomori City Sports Park Waku Waku Square, Maeda Arena - Athletic park, Seryuji Temple - Buddhist temple, Shiko Munakata Memorial Hall - Art museum, Monumen Kelahiran Shikou Munakata - Historical landmark, Mori Transport Arena - Ice skating rink, Seikan Train Ferry Memorial Ship Hakkoda-maru - Rail museum, Link Station Hall Aomori, Aomori Museum of Art- Modern art museum, Aomori Prefecture Museum of Modern Literature etc.