Padua City Italy Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 30-May-2022

About Padua city destination: Padua city is located in north eastern of the Italy country in Europe region. Padua city is situated just 39.0 KM distance from Venice city. Padua is a good destination to explore Italy country social, culture and modern life activities. Padua city is placed on bank of the River Brenta and River Bacchiglione. Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei big park is located just near of the city which make city more environment friendly. Padua city has two sides Rivers and one side has big parks.

Padua city is good connected to other Italy places via road transport, air transport, train transport and water transport. Padua city is exact 39 KM distance from Venice city, Milan city is just 233.8 KM distance, Genoa coastal city is exact 368.8 KM distance, Bologna city is just 119.7 KM distance, Rome capital city is just 491.8 KM distance, Florence city is exact 236.6 KM distance and Naples coastal city just 691.3 KM distance.

Italy holiday is a well plan to enjoy summer vacation and winter vacation which situated in southern of the Europe region. Italy country three sides has Seas which names are Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and Adriatic Sea. Italy country central capital city is Rome which is situated just near of the Vatican city. Italy is a fully developed country of the Europe region which neighbour countries are France country, Switzerland country, Austria country, Slovenia country and Croatia country. Italy country is well connected to other countries via air transport and water transport. Europe tour trip and Japan tour trip .

How can come to Padua city: Padua city is good connected to other Italy domestic places via road transport, air transport, train transport and water transport. Padua city is well jointed to other European countries via air transport, road transport, train transport and water transport. other countries passengers can come to Padua city via air transport and water transport.

Venice Marco Polo Airport: it is an International airport which is just 44.0 KM distance from Padua city. Venice Marco Polo Airport is situated just near of the Venice city where tourists can get flights to all over world and domestic places also.

Venice port: Venice port is the nearest major seaport where come cruise ships from all over world and Italian domestic places also. Venice port is just 39.5 KM distance from Padua city where people can get water transport to other other countries.

Padova - Travel Terminals: Padova city also has railway station where people can get trains to other European countries and other Italian domestic places. Train transport is well transport mode in European countries.

Padua city tourists attractions: Padua city has several famous places to visit which some are Scrovegni Chapel, Prato della Valle - Park, Parco delle Mura - Park, Parco Fornace Morandi - City park, Esapolis - Museum of zoology, Villa Molin - Art museum, Parco Padovaland | L'isola del divertimento - Water park, Parco Giochi Castello dei Da Peraga - Park, Ragione Palace - Museum, Diocesan Museum of Padua - Art museum, The Basilica of St. Anthony, Musei Civici Eremitani - museum etc.

Padua city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Padua city also has modern hotels accommodations to stay safe and secure. Padua city has several famous modern restaurants such as Suvlaki Greco - Greek restaurant, Forastero Padova - Restaurant, Friends Fast Food - Fast food restaurant, Bar Pasticceria Biasetto Padova PD - Bistro, Il desco - Restaurant, Rosticceria Garhwal - Indian restaurant, Osteria dal Capo - Restaurant etc.