Japan Holiday to Todaiji Temple Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 9-Jan-2021

About Todaiji Temple Destination: Todaiji Temple is a historical Buddhist temple which is located in Nara city of the Japan country. Todaiji Temple was originally established in 738. It is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site which is related to Monuments of Ancient Nara. Todaiji Temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha. Here also has small museum which has several historical artifacts to explore.

How to Reach Todaiji Temple: It is well connected via road and train transport. Its nearest destination city is Nara which is historical landmark of the Japan country. Its nearest busy airport only 0 KM distance.

By Air Transport: Kansai International Airport is the nearest main airport where people can get flights to overseas countries. It is a second busiest airport of the Japan country where tourists can get flights to lots of country. Kansai International Airport is just 77 KM far from Todaiji Temple.

By Train Transport: Kintetsu-Nara Station is the nearest station where people get trains to Osaka city. Bullet train (Shinkansen) nearest station is Osaka where tourists can get trains to Tokyo capital city. Osaka Shinkansen train station is just 35.8 KM far from Todaiji Temple.

By Road Transport: Road No. 169 and road no. 754 connects Todaiji Temple to other cities of the Japan country. Todaiji Temple is just 3.6 KM far from Nara city. Osaka is just 34.8 KM far, Kyoto is exact 45.8 KM distance, Tokyo is just 464 KM far, Nagoya is exact 135.5 KM far, Hiroshima city is just 366 KM distance and Sendai is just 827 KM far.

Things to Do near of the Todaiji Temple: travelers can do many activities near of the Todaiji Temple such as prayer in Buddhist temple, walking in Nara historical city, eat Japanese foods, shopping Japanese memorable gifts, watch temple complex museum and explore Japanese people life style and culture.

Tourists attractions around the Todaiji Temple: people can visit many popular places near of the Todaiji Temple which includes are the following.

Temples: National Treasure Octagonal Lantern, Great Buddha Hall, Nekodan, purifying water basin, Todaiji Seven-storied Pagoda Sorin, Karakuni Shrine, Todaiji Shoro, Todaiji Shorogaoka, Todaiji Gyokido, Todaiji Oyuya, Todaiji Nembutsudo, Itsukushima Shrine, Sanjatakusen-ike, The Garden of the Former Daijyo-in Temple etc.

Famous Places: Kagamiike, Todaiji Museum, Kinsho hall, Nara Prefectural Museum, Nara Cultural Hall, Nara Women's University, Nara National Museum, Nara National Museum garden, Okumura Commemorative Museum, Ukimi-do Hall etc. Japan tour trip is a well idea to travel in Nara historical city to visit Todaiji Temple.

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