Bright Autumn Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: The Bright Autumn Festival is one of the oldest continuous running festival in Australia since 1962 and it is celebrated within the town to mark the occasion of fall or autumn. The festival is a ten day celebration and is filled with autumn colors with the valley of Victoria’s Alpine high country coming in all hue and color. The upcoming festival will be celebrated from Friday April 24 to Sunday May 3, 2021 along with the highlight of the festival with the gala day falling on Saturday May 4. the market is filled with music in the streets along with the grand parade which is quite synonymous with the bright and surrounding the High country within the Ireland street and also the bright surroundings.

How to Celebrate Festival: The Bright Autumn Festival is celebrated in the month which is Summer in most part of the world because the Australia is located in Southern Hemisphere and the weather is different from the Northern hemisphere countries but the glory and the brightness of the Autumn is the same. The various programs and events associated with this festival conjoins with the trees which are in full bloom during the season. Whether, it is the Autumn colors of the Pin Oak, Poplar, Elms, Cedar and Maple Trees the bright autumn festival is known to be in full bloom with the festivities. Also, the weather is fine with the people enjoying bright colorful dresses and also participate in the full week’s activities with scenic drives and walks which makes Autumn in it’s pristine best.

The few events which are associated with it are as follows:

Open gardens: The gardens which are fourteens in numbers are found to be on display with the peculiar horticulture into prominence as the flowers and fruits are in full bloom. The autumn colors could be found in display with diverse style and designs with long establishments as they are the formal gardens in the city and originated since a long time. The wild gardens along with farm gardens and the ornamental plantings with the gardens which are also directed towards sustainable food sources.

The Chestnuttree Holiday units are another landscaped gardens and the rock walls along with hedges and standard roses, weeping elms and mulberries are found here.

Elm haven: The town garden which has an Elm tree with more than 100 years of existence has also plantings which includes Azaleas, Maples and Camellias.

Apart from that as stated above there are many other open gardens which organizes many shows during the Bright Autumn festival and the other program associated with it are flea market. The flea market which is held in support of bright brewery and it host our second bright Autumn Festival flea market which has more than 20 stalls and with a range of antiques and collectable.

The other significant festival is the nut festival which is although a low-key affair but is now an established event along with attracting thousands of visitors in Alpine shrine and it began in 2001 with highlights being local market selling products by local farmers.

Thus, all in all it is a great way to enjoy the festivals and it is a complete one with all the major attractions thus making the journey of Autumn a great success in Southern hemisphere.

Location: Melbourne, Australia