Bus transport in Australia

The Bus transport in Australia is very comprehensive and it is known to give support to the city bus services along with an extensive bus services with bus network. The reliable Australian buses are equipped with the air-condition along with comfortable seats and decent toilets which gives a luxurious way to some extent and can never called rickety. The buses are smoke free and some even have wi-fi along with free USB chargers. The Greyhound Australia bus service runs with every corner of South Australia and Western Australia.

It offers flexible hop-on and hop-off fares along with helping with discounts for the seniors, students and children. The Firefly express which connects Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide helps to get efficient bus services. The same could be said for the Integrity Coach lines along with Premier Motor Services and V/Line covers which is known to cover Victoria with mix of coaches and trains creating a difference with bus transport in Australia when compared with other parts of the world.

The guided bus travel is one of the best ways to get around which can be called a tour. The bus transport in Australia is guided by operators give whole packaging which includes accommodation and facilitates with meals along with less formal options and get it from any other tour operators while sightseeing on the way. The few company which works in tour and travel are by the name as follows:

1. AAT Kings Big Coach Company and it works in tandem with various tour operators around Australia.

2. Adventure Tours Australia with affordable and young at heart tours with all states.

3. Autopia Tours Australia which gives three-day trips from Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

4. Groovy Grape Tours with small group which is a South-Australia based operator and it runs with tours between ex-Adelaide, Melbourne and Alice Springs.

5. Nullarbor Traveller with small company which runs within relaxed minibus trips across Nullarbor Plain between SA and WA.

6. Oz Experience Packaged itineraries with young travelers and partnering with Greyhound coaches.

If one takes an example of the bus transport in Australia for the Sydney buses with travelling through city and beyond and it operates 24 hours a day. The bus transport in Australia with most of the bus routes within the City of Sydney and has no delays with a need to buy ticket before getting on board. The ticket outlets are available all over the city and also one can find near the bus stops.

The number of bus operators with their fleet according to ABS Census of Motor Vehicles which is for the month of January 2011 and identifies 87, 883 which are registered buses in Australia. A 2003 Fact Sheet by Professor David Hensher by the University of Sydney Passenger Transport Activity in Australia along with their proportionate size:

. 54,487 small buses

. 8788 medium buses

. 24,607 large buses and the fleet is continuously increasing.

The buses are known to perform a range of activities such as urban route, school bus, regional route and long distance with tour and charter. The bus service industry gives a good amount of employment with more than 50,000 people employed with bus industry and thus bus transport in Australia is seeing a substantial growth in terms of business and growth.