Circumnavigate Uluru, Australia

Circumnavigate Uluru Tour, Australia

The Uluru is the large sandstone rock formation found in the southern part of the northern territory and is found in Central Australia. The Uluru is sacred to the Pitjantjatjara Anangu who are the aboriginal people belonging to this area.The Uluru is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also known as the Olgas which are the found to be the two major features of the Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park.The Uluru is found by surveyor William Gosse on 19 July 1873 and the sand-shore formation stands 348m tall which rises 863m above sea level.The Uluru is notable for circumnavigate Uluru which is either by Uluru base walk or which is done from Mala Carpark to cultural centre.

The Uluru is one of the Australia’s most recognizable natural landmarks and it has the sandstone formation which makes it famous to circumnavigate Uluru.The most of the bulk in Uluru is said to be lying underground but Uluru and the nearby Kata Tjuta formation has become a great cultural land and is a great place for adventure which helps to know many powered sites for caravans, motor homes, campervans along with camper trailers along with grassy tent sites.There are camel-train tour which takes you around the rock and both Uluru and Kata Tjuta which is 42 Km can be visited in one day, if one starts with dawn base walk around Uluru which is 10.6 Km to circumnavigate and allows 3.5 Hrs.

There are many places to visit around Uluru and to circumnavigate Uluru is not the only way to enjoy it.The handful of various kinds of accommodation within the area’s purpose-built town known as Yulara helps to stay easily. One could also do cycling and walk through the bush which helps to know the flora and fauna and see the various plants of medicinal value which has cultural, medicinal and edible value.The other options to stay here are as follows:

1. A five star hotel by the name of Sails in the Desert.

2. The four and half star by the name Desert Gardes Hotel.

3. The boutique style probably a 4 star which is Lost camel Hotel.

4. Four-star Emu Walk Apartments which is also known for self catering.

5. The hotel and basic motel style rooms at Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge.

There is also a supermarket, bank, post office, day spa and art gallery along with souvenir shop with hair salon and several good restaurants which helps to ‘Outback BBQ’ and could be found with short walk along with free shuttle-bus ride away.The people who love to stay different can find roadhouses along the highway but they are very basic accommodation. The circumnavigate Uluru has become a terminology where one could find a way to do by guided tour and the way to reach here is by airport transfers through guided tour by hotel or to hire a car at airport.

The various drink and dine facility along with sunset drink could be enjoyed at Uluru national park around the camping site.The traditional owners who are the Anangu people ask not to climb Uluru and the climbing route has got closed from October 26, 2019.

Location: Yulara NT, Australia

Best Time to Visit:

Spring Season: September to November

Autumn Season: March to May

Winter Season: June to August

Summer Season: December-February