Climb the Brisbane Story Bridge Tour, Australia

Climb the Brisbane Story Bridge Tour, Australia

The Brisbane Bridge could be said the answer to Story Bridge and it is considered as the heritage listed with steel cantilever bridge which allows access at the northern and southern suburbs of Brisbane.The Story Bridge was built between 1935 and 1939 known as Jubilee Bridge until mid 1940. The attraction of Story Bridge which makes it easy to view very far and also the trip which is rather said climb the Brisbane Story Bridge Tour started from 2005.The tour is a guided one which gives the stunning view of the bridge and the Moreton Bay looks splendid from here. The Scenic rim which is the name given to the Sydney Bridge and it stands 80 metres above sea level.

The Captain Burke park is found to be abseil down and is also a part of the Bradfield Highway with Brisbane River from Fortitude Valley to the Kangaroo Point. The Climb the Brisbane Story Bridge Tour is not a free walk tour that could be done any time but it has become chargeable and the prices start at $100 for the adults and $ 85 for the children to climb along with $ 120/ $ 102 to absell. The Brisbane tour gives an adventurous thought of scaling new heights with Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure day or night climb. After the safety briefing which is an essential part of guided tour with hearing audio commentary about the Brisbane’s surroundings which talks about the following sightseeing points:

1. Brisbane River

2. Moreton Bay

3. The Glass House Mountains

4. Distant Mt. Coot-Tha

5. Lamington National park

The talking point of the town which is Brisbane Bridge is said to be having a long history of residents wanting a Bridge between the Brisbane CBD and Kangaroo Point. The bridge downstream of the Victoria bridge could not get constructed due to lack of funds and the 1926 Kangaroo Point got recommended for the Brisbane’s City Council’s River Commission. The Jubilee Bridge is the honour of King George V and with the senior and influential public servants said with strong recommendations for Bridge’s construction.

The 360 Degree panoramic view is a part of the delightful Climb the Brisbane Story Bridge Tour and the Brisbane city from the heart and soul feel like thanking the Brisbane Bridge which is certainly the iconic landmark making it as a story bridge. The people are divided into groups and the base camp is the place just beneath the bridge itself. The spiral staircase leads to the start of the suspended walkway directly beneath the Bradfield Highway which is the Brisbane’s shortest highway. The venturing of bridge or exploring bridge from different angles gives satisfaction of a lifetime and the person feel of returning to the top platform a number of times but the money factor could restrain such thoughts.

This could be a great example of the country which knows how to take advantage of it’s natural assets which is river and thus get money out of it by charging money to walk over bridge making the people understand commercial value of every thing in life which is made for the public apart from personal assets.

Best Time to Visit:

Spring Season: September to November

Autumn Season: March to May

Winter Season: June to August

Summer Season: December-February