Colorfest Sydney Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: The Colorfest Sydney Festival is one of the major arts festival in the Australia’s largest city and it is a three week sojourn held in the month of January. The festival program is known to feature more than 100 events from the local and international artists which also includes contemporary along with classical music, dance, drama and visual arts with artistic talks. The festival also attracts more than 500,000 people with a large-scale free outdoor events and around 150,000 ticketed events. The events contributes more than 55 Million Australian Dollar to South Wales Economy. The event begins in the second week of January and ends by the Final week of January.

How to Celebrate Festival: The Colorfest Sydney Festival started in the Waratah festival and got established by 1956 by Sydney committee and earlier took place in early November which coincides with blooming of NSW emblematic flower of Waratah. It is also one of the important cultural event which also includes a parade along with popular art competition and beauty contests are also held in this popular color festival. The colorfest is almost equivalent to celebration of Sydney and what city has to offer with the program offering everything from vintage car rallies along with face-painting and kite-flying to bocce and the dog obedience trials with Chinese scarf dancing which gives the festival a new meaning of fun element present to it.

The festival is known to have a history of presenting Australian premiers and many of the Australian’s premiers with most memorable productions such as Cloudstreet from Sydney’s festival’s has too a major commitment to nurture the local artists. The Colorfest Sydney festival has been known to give honour and credit to many new artist and make them a bigger name in the related industry. The festival has been also known to face challenges which is known for the profitability and in the early years it was not known to create a colorful riot but further it turned out to be one of the best as it has more attendees in terms of numbers and has almost 11,500 interstate and overseas visitors attending the festival events.

The festival is also known to include programming of free events with accessible pricing policies of the ticketed shows which means the Colorfest Sydney Festival is also open to all. The festival is open to free events from 2008-2012 and with Festival First Night with the opening event taht attracted approximately 200,000 people to the city center. The Sydney Festival also has the strong tradition of creating opportunities for Australian artists and has been also known to showcase 23 world premiers of the New Australian work in 2013 and 2014 festivals. The festival is also known to have late night venues with presenting contemporary music and the Festival Paradiso Bar, Festival Village in Hyde park and also it hosted the Famous Spiegellent which is a traditional European wooden dance hall. So, the festival is certainly known to exceed the expectations and build long lasting relationships between the audience and the performers who remember it for long.

Location: Sydney, Australia