Darwin Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: The Darwin festival is celebrated in South Australia and is known for it’s multicultural lifestyle which is held over 18 days. The festival is known for it’s dry season( May-Oct) and it comprises of a series of events which includes concerts, theatre, dance music, cabaret and films along with many other activities. The Darwin has a tradition of street parades along with festival events which dates back to the European settlement. The modern day festival has evolved from the Bougainvillea Festival and it is celebrated for the formation of Northern territory which also features floral processions along with the sporting events a Mardi Gras Concert.

How to Celebrate Festival: The Darwin Festival which also combines with the warm outdoor activities and is also known as a program with rich local and national along with international talents. Relaxing in the balmy festoon-lit surroundings of the festival park with dinner which is all according to the taste and drinks which are served in the iconic bamboo food stalls along with pop-up bars playing soundtrack of local heroes on Bamboo bandstand. One can prepare to dance the night away with the hottest of contemporary bands along with the festival’s iconic open-air big top, The Lighthouse which glimmers with lights and sounds.

The Darwin festival which has become a quintessential spirit along with energy of Darwin and with the laid-back lifestyle makes to feel the fun of hot August nights and also spend a tropical Winter at the Darwin festival where people from all over the world flock to events which has an attendance of more than 110,000 people every year. The stellar program with the theatrical performance along with live music and has smashed all the records of ticket sales year after year. If the performers are to be believed it has more than 609 performers which includes 306 NT artists and also 214 free and the ticketed performances across all the 33 venues.

Festival park is the heart of Darwin festival and is certainly a place to meet before the show and also it gives a kick back along with enjoying the fine food and the free entertainment which is vibrant along with the bustling environment. It can be said a hit with the families and friends which is also to be found with everyone in between with an estimated 32,000 visitors who enjoy all the Festival Park for the entire 18 days. The better aspect of this festival is that it is fully supported by the Northern territory Government for the strong support which is also best in terms of sponsors, partners, suppliers, volunteers and friends which is record-breaking in terms of music and spectators year after year.

With the digital marketing taking most of the festivals with live channels over different channels across the web which is online and also over the live television the Darwin festival has served more than 24 million times with the internet presence in maximum number of clicks amounting to 62,500 clicks and also converting 876 ticket confirmations considered as the hottest winter arts festivals in the country.

Location: Darwin NT, Australia