Feed with your hand to Kangaroo at Kangaroo Island, Australia

Feed with your hand to Kangaroo at Kangaroo Island Tour, Australia

The Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island after Tasmania and Melville Island which lies in South Australia. The island was occupied by Aboriginal Australians and the island’s economy was agricultural along with Southern Rock Lobster Fishery and further tourism became the main stay.The island’s economy has several nature reserves which protects the remnants along with natural vegetation and native animals which are Kangaroos. If you visit here to know more about the native animals you can feed with your hand to Kangaroo at Kangaroo Island.The Kangaroo island got separated from mainland Australia which is around 10,000 years ago and one could find the existence of stone tools along with shell middens.

The island has 30 wine growers along with 12 wineries and it also has the first vineyard which is near Western Cove in 1976.The first wine was made in 1982 and now the wines carry a Kangaroo island with appellation label with first wine being bought with authenticated as 100 % from this region.The Kangaroo Island is one of the South Australia’s most popular tourist attractions which attracts over 140,000 visitors every year along with international visitors and domestic one. Most of the Kangaroo here are tamed and you can feed with your hand to Kangaroo at Kangaroo Island.

The Kangaroo Island is known for the natural inhabitants of Kangaroo Island and the Kangaroos here could be seen huddled together within a covered barn which is within few enclosures where they come to feed. The Kangaroo food is provided here and with two bags of Kangaroo feed you can suffice it along with the friendly, cuddly and cute Kangaroo could be feed with your hand to Kangaroo at Kangaroo Island.The name of the beautiful wildlife Kangaroo conservation park is Parndana Wildlife Park on Kangaroo Island and the Kangaroos can be found to be either sick, injured or face any other issues they are taken good care by the people here.

The Kangaroo Island is a place where the kangaroo get all the attention and they love it also the other pet animal of Australia is Koala Beer and they are also found here. The animals here could be seen with more into smiles and less starved as you feed with your hand to Kangaroo at Kangaroo Island.The Kangaroo Island is the place where one could take photographs with the animals.The Island offers a feeling of bliss and the 500 Kilometers of sandy beaches with native wildlife ant the natural wonders have added to the attractions. People come here in large numbers and it has become a place which could be perfect canvas for the nature loving people.

The island is not only known for Koalas and Kangaroo but with the other animals such as Echidnas, Penguins, Sea Lions, and even the New Zealand fur seals are found in large numbers which are the added attractions of the island.The Kangaroo Island is known for many land and sea activities and one can explore the Island in one of the convenient ways with family and friends.

Location: Flinders Chase SA, Australia

Best Time to Visit:

Spring Season: September to November

Summer Season: December-February

Autumn Season: March to May

Winter Season: June to August