Field Day Sydney Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: Field day Sydney Festival is held every year on the New Year’s Day in Sydney at “The Domain”. The event has been a part of the popular music annual event since the year 2002 and attracts more than 20,000 people. The 2007-2008 has been voted as the best festival in New South Wales in annual In The Mix 50. The Music Festivals are not the new trends but has been a part of the folklore along with the current generation which puts an emphasis on enjoying not only with the music in the air concepts but put all it’s thought process to discover new music and enjoy it to the hilt.

How to Celebrate Festival: The Field day Sydney Festival is a part of the music scenario which gives the experience of not only the music in the open but also takes you down the gypsy style music to be displayed in more prominent ways. The rappers along with the musicians found to be visiting the Field day 2017 which is counted to be some of the best years and still continuing to do so are Alison Wonderland, Aluna George, Broods, Claptone, Dusky, Safia, Vera Blue. The Music Festival Wizard has been known for taking you in the high with all kinds of music which is Jazz, Heavy Metal along with Rap and the all other genre of music which soars the popularity charts.

The other music charts which are included in the Field day Sydney Music Festival are fans of house, electronic, indie along with hip-hop music. The music festival is gaining all the popularity and it attracts artists from all over the world with more than 20,000 people who pile in to The Domain every year. The 2018 line-up is also known to include Flume, Baauer, Schoolboy Q along with DJ Snake and also George Maple. The Field Day is also known to be one of the friendliest music festivals in Sydney along with the best possible way to follow with the city’s world famous music festival which see the eve of New Year’s along with fireworks.

The Field Day Sydney Music is known to fulfill your appetite and not only the venue is fantastic but it also attracts artists from all over the world. The music not only takes the people to a new height in terms of crescendo but gives a sense of community feeling and people get together with each other through music. The fireworks which brings the fabulous view of the skyline and the tall skyscrapers which dot the skyline not only helps to enjoy the festivities but it also gives the people an enjoyment of a lifetime. The number of people in the event grow every year and it also gives the organizers an enjoyment and fulfillment to keep themselves pump out with the next year celebrations. In this way, the Field Day Sydney Music has come out to be a well known event and is always a chart-buster with music grooving at it’s best because of the thrilling performance by the performers.

Location: Sydney, Australia