Fish and Chips Australian Food

About Fish and Chips: Fish and Chips Australian Food is the most loved food at most of the restaurants or the street corners with also many fish and chip takeaway stores. The food which is of the most delicious and is not only about putting the fish through batter and frying it in the oil does not make it but the hand-cooked chips from the Fish joints make it more of a delicacy which is loved by all.The food is regional and fresh along with having a pretty good fish offerings by the name of Mekong Delta Catfish which has other name as Basa and has the cheapest possible form of boneless white fish available.

How to make fish and chips:


. 1 Cup of Plain Flour

. 2 Eggs lightly beaten

. 1 Cup (250 Ml) Beer or Soda Water

. 4 Desiree Potatoes, peeled Oil, along with frying it deep

. 4 Small white fish fillets flour to dust

. Lemon wedges to serve

How to cook the fish and chips:

1. Sift flour with a pinch of salt into a large bowl and make a well in center. Pour the egg in it along with beer or soda water. Also, combine with wooden spoon until the batter forms and then keep it for 30 minutes. Cut the potatoes to lengthways into the 7mm-wide strips and place it in a bowl of iced water until it is ready to cook.

2. Line a baking tray with paper towel and pour the oil into deep heavy based saucepan with electric deep fryer. Heat the oil to 180 Degree Celsius or test it by dipping a chip into oil ( If the bubbles appear instantly and the oil gets heated). Drain and dry the chips thoroughly and use a wire basket with perforated spoon or wire skimmer. Lower the chips into oil and then cook it in batches for 8 minutes until it gets tender but not into the golden color. Remove from oil and drain on the paper towel.

3. Reheat the oil to 185 degree Celsius and then lower the chips back into the oil straight away. Cook for 2-3 minutes until it becomes crisp and golden while drain the extra oil on paper towel. Sprinkle it with salt and set it aside at a warm place.

4. Pat and dry fish fillets with the paper towel along with reheating and batter it while stirring. Coat the fish in flour then batter it while letting excess oil drip out of it. Lower fish into oil and cook it for 3-5 minutes until the batter is golden. Also, drain it on paper towel and season it with salt and finally serve it with hot chips and lemon wedges.

Indulging into Fish and Chips:

Australians who love to indulge with fish fries and with much of the seafood available along with takeaway availability which has given the seafood an option to be provided in chips at prices which is good for any pocket. The food which is within the reach of every strata of person has helped to open many small and big corporations making the restaurant business entirely running upon the fish and chips company.

Nutritional information fish and chips:

. Amount Per Serving in Calories 688

. Calories From fat 230

. Total Fat 26 Gram - % Daily Value-40%

. Saturated Fat 3 Gram-% Daily Value-15%

. Trans Fat 0.6 Gram

. Polyunsaturated Fat 15 Gram

. Monounsaturated Fat 5.9 Gram

. Cholesterol 148 Mg- % Daily Value 49%

. Sodium 1403 Mg- % Daily Value 49%

. Potassium 1457 Mg- % Daily Value-42%

. Total Carbohydrates 71 Gram- % Daily Value- 24%

. Dietary Fiber 4.8 Gram - % Daily Value 19%

. Sugars 2 Gram

. Protein 43 Gram

. Vitamin A- 4.3%

. Vitamin C-47%

. Calcium-14%

. Iron-10%

The percent daily value are based on a 2000 Calories diet.