Good Friday Public Holiday, Australia

About Good Friday Festival: Good Friday is the festival which is commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and it is held on Friday before Eastern Sunday. The Good Friday Australia is a public holiday and it is a day for the general population with schools and businesses are closed for the day. The Good Friday starts on the four-day weekend and falls during the Easter holiday. With the extended weekend thought prevailing these days and in most part of the world people go to nearby tourist destinations to enjoy the weekend and make their short vacations lively. The other kind of people love to spend time with the family and friends giving the festive celebration to continue still remembering the Jesus salvation on Good Friday.

Good Friday Festival Celebration: The Good Friday Celebration is seen throughout the different churches celebration and esp. the Catholic one’s. Many of the people observe fast on Good Friday and the people are also asking for penance to God for all kinds of sins committed by them. The three small meals are also a part of food habits by some people on this day with thinking that whatever food I have got is enough but some of them go for fast but the traditional one’s eat hot cross buns on Good Friday.The small bread like buns are flavored with spices along with raisins or the currants and some of them also add cocoa to dough or replacing it with dried fruit with chocolate chips.

There are various sporting events which are organized on the occasion of Good Friday Australia Holiday and the Three Peaks Race in Tasmania starts during afternoon of Good Friday. The event is three-tiered and it consists of section to be sailed along with section which is either walk or run through and during the sailing sections the members of the given team sails within a set course down the Tasmania’s west coast. The other well-known sporting events who are from running or the walking sections two of the members of each team leave the boat and run or walk up and then go down towards one of the three mountains which is done to enjoy Good Friday Australia Holiday.

On the Good Friday Australia Holiday the Good Friday Schools along with post offices and many other organizations remain closed. The stores along with retail outlets are either closed but speciality stores or small organizations are closed and the alcoholic drinks sell is prohibited. The public transport services are often found to be restricted and they are closed for the day but still the major roads and airports are found to be congested or are very busy. The reason for celebrating Good Friday is the crucifixion but he declared himself to be the King and thus the Roman Empire declared his death. The churches try to remind the people some of the greatness done by the Christ who considered Sun as his father and thus the Church observe the Easter vigil on Saturday night to get the light of Christ back to Church.

Good Friday Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Friday, 18 April

2024 Festival Date: Friday, 29 March

2023 Festival Date: Friday, 7 April

2022 Festival Date: Friday, 15 April

2021 Festival Date: Friday, 2 April

2020 Festival Date: Friday, 10 April

2019 Festival Date: Friday, 19 April

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual