Goomeri Pumpkin Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: Goomeri Pumpkin Festival is one of the fantastic family event which is held each year on last Sunday of May. The festival is free for all to attend and is one of the fun events which is scheduled throughout the festival which also includes competitions along with parade and live music concerts with heaps of tasty food. The first Pumpkin festival was held in 1997 and it was done in order to bring people in the town of Goomeri and inject some of the much-needed funds which helps to run the economy. The festival still is known to draw thousands of visitors and they are greeted with warm country hospitality with huge fun attached with it.

How to Celebrate Festival: The famous Goomeri Pumpkin festival has one fun ways to celebrate where one can find a pumpkin flying down to the Policeman’s hill to see how far it can go and it may help to wander through many of the market stalls to enjoy a picnic lunch with all the delicious food on offer. There are large number of competitions held along with games played by pumpkin shot-put and the whip cracking competition. The pumpkin pageant is organized along with pumpkin bowls and the heaps of roving entertainment with all the cooking demonstrations with the street parade with live music is held.

The fantastic event is certainly a treat for the whole family and the camping is also available for the motor homes along with caravans, camper trailers and tents which occupy the nearby sporting grounds right near the Goomeri pumpkin festival for which prior bookings needs to be done. The festival has variety of Pumpkin foods on offer and it includes pumpkin scones along with pumpkin bread rolls and the pumpkin and lamb sausages with one of the best ever pumpkin soup which is made from the festival’s secret recipe. The billy tea with stew and damper is a great beverage on offer and the day is filled with smashin programs to enjoy.

The Goomeri Pumpkin festival has also one of the famous competitions where one can dress up as a Pumpkin pageant and there are tons of pumpkin fun for the whole family. The pumpkin festival has various way to enjoy the nearby destinations with special show and it could be many days trip as the entire surrounding is scenic and is the best place to enjoy. The regional food and wine is the other exemplary thing associated with it and diverse menu of music from street performers along with the jazz and blues to folk with rock n roll makes the scene in you to rise.

The weather is also filled with great sunshine and the entire surrounding has amazing floral displays with aroma of all the land and flowers mixing each other making the entire area to be with beautiful blooms in the stunning gardens. The music acts, show rides and the most extravagant street parade are a part of it and is certainly a place to join for all the love and appreciation associated with it.

Location: Boonara QLD, Australia