Grilled Kangaroo Australian Food

About Grilled Kangaroo: Grilled Kangaroo Australian Food is the staple food of Australia and it is just to be tried once for all those non-Australians who love to enjoy Australian delicacies and thus get the most out of it while travelling to Australia. The food has given a unique taste which is of unique flavor and with low fat content it is the most sustainable meat in the Australian continent. The Kangaroo meat is said to have a bold, savoury and earthy flavour but it has been kept hidden by the Australians who kept it confined for pet animals and packaged as a pet food.

How to make Grilled Kangaroo:

Cooking a perfect Kangaroo Streak is easy to cook:


. 200 Gram Kangaroo Streak

. 1 Tbsp Cooking Oil with high smoke point( Grapeseed,

. Sunflower, Ghee or Regular Non-Virgin Olive Oil)

. 2 pinches of salt

Method to make Grilled Kangaroo:

. Let the kangaroo steak rest at the room temperature for 10 minutes. It is important to cook the kangaroo without having a fridge-cold temperature as it leads to hitting it at pan along with either getting it raw or stick to the pain. Japan Holiday & Europe Holiday

. Cover the steak with pinch of salt on either side along with heating the pan at a medium-high heat.

. With the pan getting hot put oil in the pan and then place the steak gently in the pan.

. Cook gently on both sides of the steak or the kangaroo meat and if the oil gets heated then turn off the stove.

. After two minutes the steak when appears cooked in radiant heat then continue to cook for another three minutes and then make the stove turn down to medium through the second side.

. Once the steak is cooked turn off the heat and put it on a chopping board for three minutes.

. After resting slice to serve the slices of kangaroo which is used in place of any types of protein as they are rich in protein along with other nutrients.

. Different types of classic roast veggies like pumpkin, carrots and potatoes help to give the best out of rustic dish.

Indulging into Grilled Kangaroo:

Kangaroo meat is lean and is known as the best in terms of red meat and it is said that with hundred grams of kangaroo streak one can get the less in terms of fat. On the other hand beef steak gives more fat which gives more of the fat per grams of meat. The Kangaroos are found to be hunted in the wild and sold at the supermarkets and are not a part of farm house rearing.The meat is found to be cooked with utmost care as it gives a very chewy taste if it is under-cooked and at times found to be overcooked then it gives dry and tough taste.

Nutritional information grilled Kangaroo:

. 100 Gram-135 Calories

. Fat- 1.2 Gram

. Carbohydrates- 0 Gram

. Fibre-0 Gram

. Protein-30.7 Gram

. Total Fat-1.2 gram

. Saturated fat-0.4 gram

. Sodium-44 mg

. Potassium-390 Mg

. Cholesterol-71 Mg

. Iron-4 Mg