Helicopter Tour Over Bungle Bungles Tour, Australia

The Bungle Bungles is one of the landform is a major component of the Pumululu National Park and is situated in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The Bungle Bungle range is found to be in distinctive beehive towers which are made up of sand-stones and conglomerates I.e. rocks composed by mainly of pebbles and boulders which are cemented by finer material. The sedimentary rock formation is deposited into the Red Basin which formed 375 to 350 million years ago and it has active faults which alters the landscape.The helicopter tour over Bungle Bungles is extremely popular and it has given an amazing view for an ancient part of Australia for many people.

The helicopter tour over Bungle Bungles is known for it’s scenic flights and it provides an awesome birds-eye-view with domes along with the surrounding areas.The helicopter tour over Bungle Bungles can also be linked with ground tours along with overnight stays within the Purnululu National Park. First of all, you have to depart from Warmun to “Turkey Creek” with helicopter flights and fly over the Osmand Range which is through Kimberley along with “The Osmand Ranges” with impressive terrain viewing with deep gorges along with extensive Livistonia Palms which can be done through climbing up the chasm walls.Over the Osmand ranges one can find the stunning Bunge Bungle range which gives the views of array of Gorges along with chasm that also shoot through it.

The helicopter and aeroplane flights depart from town site of Kununurra and it has the scenic adventure with ultimate experiences through-out the journey.The adventures are quite fascinating and the outback offers over cattle stations along with the ragged range with most famous Argyle Diamond Mine with the stunning Lake Argyle.The tour is also linked with picnic landing and helicopter tour over Bungle Bungles with overnight stay at the Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge adds to the fun.The guided tour also has helicopter flight with guided walk and accommodation is included in the ultimate gateway package.The helicopter tourism is a part and parcel of many places in Australia bu the Bungle Bungles has it’s own advantage of beauty and serenity mix together.

The decision to drive and camp or stay at accommodation which is located within the Purnululu and with an opportunity to jump through the Bungle Bungle Helicopter Scenic flights from Belburn Airstrip.The Purnululu has a range of flights for the duration of 18-minutes along with 30 minutes flight and the highest duration is of 42 minutes.The three tours which covers a part of the helicopter tour over Bungle Bungles and with the great look down into the gorges which is also unique Bungle Bungles domes.The Helicopter tour over Bungle Bungles takes the tour over Lake Argyle. The entire land area over Bungle Bungles has features that eroded remnant of the very ancient meteorite falling on the earth and with that the unique Bungle Bungles domes got created which made it a landscape with secret springs location for picnic or private guided tours which makes the crazy surroundings to be explored with ease.

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Best Time to Visit:

Winter Season: June to August