Meet Wild Dolphins at Monkey Mia Tour, Australia

Wild Dolphins are a sort of entertainment as whether wild or pet the dolphins are fun to be with. They train with their trainers are good at whistling and understand you completely as if they are very near to understand human thoughts. This is the reason Dolphins are the most intelligent of the mammals and put all their effort to become friend of humans since a long time. Humans are also very near to Dolphins and if one thinks about an instant connection with them one could meet wild dolphins at Monkey Mia.The dolphins are known to be visiting for daily feedings and the feeding time is a regulated one between 7:45 a.m. to 12 noon.

Meet wild dolphins at Monkey Mia and then go swimming with them and the friendly pod of wild bottle-nose dolphins could be seen swimming regularly and with Monkey Mia’s shore has got interaction with humans most of the time which could be seen with swimmers or the wildlife cruises. After seeing the wild Dolphins coming near to the Australia’s Coral Coast the Department of Parks and Wildlife(DPAW) which got established Monkey Mia as Marine reserve in 1990.The protecting of Dolphin become a state wide thought and people started enjoying their company although a small entry fee was paid to enter the reserve and it kept the people to easily interact with the Dolphins and with this the fascinating creatures visited daily.

The occasional wild dolphins visitors always stay offshore which prefers keeping a safe distance but few of them ventured near the shore and it makes easy to meet wild dolphins at Monkey Mia.The three rangers could be found near Monkey Mia visitor center and the Dolphins are well looked after with four provisioned Dolphins with less than 10% of the daily food requirement which ensure the dolphins were hunted first but now conservation has put the wild Dolphins back in numbers.Monkey Mia is said to be the only place in Australia where the Dolphins visit daily and it is not to be seen only in some seasons.

The Dolphins visit has given much of the area become a lab location with extensive behavioural and the biological research has given the international team of scientists to understand more about this creature.The area’s famous beach Dolphins with researchers by the name of Richard Connor and Rachel Smolker worked on a project in 1982 and the research interests quickly expanded which included hundreds of Shark Bay Dolphins.Soon,the visit was by prestigious institutions from North America, Australia and Europe have done exclusive research on Dolphins at Monkey Mia in 1984 and were known as International Team of Scientists.

The Dolphins are fed by the onlookers but one has to take care of the toes that it should not touch them or they do not accept the food. The more people love to feed the fish the person has to wait between sessions to feed them as it is not a Dolphin Training Centre but a place to meet wild Dolphins at Monkey and thus have to understand their behavioral instinct as they do not like to contact human but love to eat food which is easily available for them.

Location: Monkey Mia WA, Australia

Best Time to Visit:

Autumn Season: March to May

Spring Season: September to November

Summer Season: December-February