Melbourne Day 30 August Festival, Australia

Melbourne Day 30 August Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: Melbourne day is one of the annual festival to mark the foundation day of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia from 30th August 1835. The Melbourne started as a settlement and further developed as a city with all hues and colors with compared to early colonial cities. The John Batman who sailed till Melbourne from the prominent Gazier found the place and further settled there. The Melbourne Day which landed with livestock along with constructing the settlement but now Melbourne belongs to some of the most beautiful cities and it was officially renamed Melbourne in honour of the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, William Lamb( The Lord Melbourne).

How to Celebrate Festival: The Melbourne Day 30th August Festival is an annual series of the week-long activities and the final day is 30th August. The Melbourne day acknowledges Fawkner, Batman and Lancey and is reflected in the Melbourne awards which are held as the official celebrations. The Melbourne awards are awarded to the people with organizations and the vision who helped with their hard-work and dedication which is diverse and also focuses on people and organizations who goes beyond the call of duty for the city. The winners get selected through an independent jury and nominees across the industry leaders and professionals become ambassadors of achievements. The Melbourne Day festival is also known for providing the Melburnian of the year awards which is the highest accolade to any person from the city and it signifies the contribution through community sustainability along with multiculturalism and strengthening of Melbourne’s profile.

The Sunday of 30th August 2021 marks 185 years and the city’s founding day will find much more festivities with the aboriginal artists who were the original settlers of Australia gracing the function. The Aboriginal artist Stan “Yarramunua” Dryden brings the live performance of various instruments and people acknowledge him with great respect. The Melbourne day 30th August Festival is also a time to celebrate the city’s indigenous culture and heritage along with creating an impact of European arrival. The Enterprize special is a special replica of the full-size ship which bought the settlers and the symbol of Melbourne day reminds us of the story how Melbourne Day was found.

The Melbourne day 30th August Festival to Winter with spring exercise routine which was all about planning of the city dwellers with the weather which is not so unpredictable and nights could be chilly. The other good thing about Melbourne is the restaurants where the food is delicious and the best rooftop bars which are known to serve the best of the liquors. The people who are from all class and sections of people feel rich and affluent with some of the bars helping with grape stomping and also are connected to the vineyards where the grapes are bought from the vineyards and the cellar makes the best of the cocktail. The cocktail bars along with laneway bars and wine bars gives the high to the life and a person reverberates back to the system with all greatness to celebrate life with new meanings.

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia