Midsumma Carnival and T Dance Festival, Australia

Midsumma Carnival and T Dance Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: Midsumma Festival is one of the annual celebration of LGBTQIA with their arts and cultures which was annually held for 22 days and also across January and February in Melbourne. The festival also began as a one-week celebration for the gay pride in 1989. The festival is considered to be top five gay and lesbian arts and cultural celebrations with the other cities being New York, Vancouver, San Francisco and Sydney. The primary festival is also held in summer each year along with Midsumma Carnival and T Dance Festival with open access to create, present and also promote their work. The festival’s performing arts program which also includes musicals, cabaret, theatre, film, spoken word along with music events and also the dance parties.

How to Celebrate Festival: The Midsumma Carnival and T dance festival is one of the vibe filled day with night celebration and attracts more than 100,000 attendees. It is also one of the family friendly space with the food stalls and the live performances with also the quintessential dog shows. The carnival also welcomes the T Dance and features DJ’s with the live musicians and also their performances. The festival also has a youth pavilion and with hundreds of LBGITQ also enjoys youth music and live shows with the chill out zones with art. The 2018 saw the 24th year of Midsumma pride march and over 45,000 people gather along the St Kilda’s Fitzroy St to watch and also march in the celebration of LGBTIQ Community.

The Midsumma Carnival and T Dance Festival is celebrated in Jan 19-Feb 10 and it is also well-acquainted with the carnival and it opens every year. The year is said to be louder and prouder than ever before and with a talent-packed line-up of the live music with performances along with food trucks and live music. One has to check the schedule which is found to be on different websites and the main stage action can be seen with the kick-off at 11 A.M. with drag performances, clever comedy shows and musical acts. The whole of carnival is family friendly and it has plenty of food trucks where one can enjoy the food at their own cost.

The family has also safe space with friendlies, queer kinds and also the groupies which suits everyone. It is a glass-free event and one has to remain conscious with footprint to be seen in the environment. Also, one can bring their own sustainable vessels and the paper straws along with the sunscreen as the whole day festivity can see few getting affected by the sun. The festival also features a three week cultural festival and has over 170 events with almost 500 different contributions. The Midsumma Carnival and t Dance Festival with marching group along with Minus 18 Youth Pavilion see a group which consist of queer young people and helps to relax, celebrate and meet the new friends with the biggest annual event for the Queer people in Victoria and the pride march is the biggest event to complete the celebration.

Location: Melbourne, Australia