New Year Public Holiday, Australia

About New Year Day 1 Jan Australia: The New Year Day is celebrated all over the World with great pomp and show and is the most revered off day as it is considered as a National holiday in most of the countries. The New year Day 1 Jan Australia Holiday is celebrated on 1st of January and it is a public holiday for most of the states of Australia and the shops are closed along with public transport. The day most of the Australians prepare for the biggest party of the year and each capital city with most of the towns and homes put on the celebrations which also mark the end of the year and the first moments of the next.

New Year Day 1 Jan Australia Celebration: Although, the New Year Day 1 Jan Australia Holiday is observed as most of the places observed close for offices and institutions but South Australia and Northern Territory which has a part-day public holiday for the New Year’s Eve from 7 Pm to 12 Midnight. The Public holiday for the New Year’s day is movable which means that if it falls on a Saturday or the Sunday, then the following Monday becomes the public holiday. In the New Year’s day the first day of the Calendar year is celebrated on 1st of January each year according to the calendar year.

The Sydney New Year’s eve is the most famous of the New Year Day 1 Jan Australia Holiday and the place is famous all over the world. The one million people gather around Sydney Harbour to ring with the festivities and the midnight comes earlier to Sydney because of the country located in Southern hemisphere. The Sydney is also known to be the international city along with cameras focusing from all over the world and the new year celebration and there is broadcasting done all over the world of Sydney fire works and new year celebrations. The Sydney harbour is known to stage an unforgettable end-of-the year party.

The Sydney New Year’s Eve cannot be compared with any else city in Australia and the New Year Day 1 Jan Australia Holiday is one of the most popular free events in the world and with the crowds which gather steadily from all around the world and the firework displays which begins at 9 Pm, Sydney Harbour which host a number of activities with lots of pre-show entertainment. The midnight fireworks around the Sydney Harbour bridge with the number of cruise moving in the Harbour of Light Parade makes the moment very significant. The Sydney harbour bridge and also the Opera House with rooftop terrace is witness to the many spectacular vistas from the suites as well.

The Melbourne New Year party is spread out at various locations around the city of Melbourne and the city has restaurants along with bars, hotels and the entertainment areas which has come alive with no other day of the year.The New Year Day 1 Jan Australia Holiday is not only limited to Melbourne or Sydney, Perth and Brisbane but it is celebrated throughout Australia with much of splendour and style giving welcome to the New year.

New Year Festival Date and Day:-

2025 Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 January

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 1 January

2023 Festival Date: Sunday, 1 January

2022 Festival Date: Saturday, 1 January

2021 Festival Date: Friday, 1 January

2020 Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 January

2019 Festival Date: Tuesday, 1 January

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual