Paniyiri Greek Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: The Paniyiri Greek festival is the largest cultural festival which is held at Paniyiri, Queensland and it honour all the Greek culture and is held in weekend May month. The festival is held at Greek club with Musgrave park in West End. The Zorba dancing with plate smashing and honey puff eating competitions are some of the popular ways to enjoy the festival. The other great details attached to the festival are the cooking demonstrations and also the Greek delicacies.Paniyiri is also known to began in 1976 and is known to be started by Greek Australians who dream of bringing the sights, smells and sounds along with tastes and Greek atmosphere over the streets of Brisbane.

How to Celebrate Festival: The Paniyiri Greek Festival showcases the food stalls and it is all about enjoying the entertainment on main stage which includes famous Zorba, Kalamatiano along with Sirto and Sousta dance performances which adds to the zing to the environment. To add color to the festival the amazing food of Greece is showcased at more than 30 food stalls which prepare authentic food and the Musgrave park is filled with the aroma of delicacies which attracts people from all parts of the world.The Paniyiri in Brisbane is also famous for the popular TV shows with Greek dancing with the stars and it was highlighted in 2015 with stars from Channel 7.

The awesome cooking classes along which is a part of the festival and takes place on the weekend of Greek festival with comedian performances, honey puff eating and grape stomping competitions with the rides which is liked by children. The slide-show in Paniytri Greek festival also gives excitement to the people along with the families and one could find it Brisbane along with South-East Queensland having the best of the festive celebrations. The safety measures which are a part of the festival along with getting a Central spot near the stage is far more necessary as it gives better coverage because the venue remains full of crowd.

The crowd is very large in number as more than 60,000 people flock to two-day festivities and the Paniyiri Greek festival is known to be having Q150 icons of Queensland with the festival being the iconic one. The festival is not only famous for it’s food but also has the Hellenic dancing along with music which is one of the best as it is full-on during festivities. The program may be a two days festivities but it is the longest running cultural festival in Queensland and was initiated by Father Gregory Sakellariou. It is also celebrated to bring the Greek community together and also share the culture among the people of Brisbane.

The festival has the main attraction in terms of food and music as the international Greek Superchef Dimitris Katrivesis is the main attraction here. Also, it is a charitable fund-raising programme which stands compliance to providing the funds from single-use bottles which gives the easy way to earn charity thus giving the existing Greek population some better way to carry with their traditions.

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia