Queen Birthday Public Holiday, Australia

About Queen Birthday: The Queen Birthday Birthday Australia Holiday is a public holiday and is celebrated with most of the states and the territories are on the second Monday in the month of June. It is also a much-looked holiday for the month of June which is a long weekend. The Western Australia which is the governor proclaims holiday at the other end of September or at the beginning of October because of the June public holiday. The Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional monarch for the 16 sovereign states and it is also the supreme governor of the Church of England. The Queen Elizabeth was officially born on 21 April 1926 but the birthday is celebrated on the separate date but since 1952 the longest reigning British Monarchy in History.

Queen Birthday Celebration: The Queen Birthday Birthday Australia Holiday has been known to be celebrated since 1748 in England and since 1788 in Australia since the fleet from England arrived in 1788. The birthday was actually celebrated on the actual date of Monarch’s birthday until 1936 and the year of the death of the King George V, Elizabeth’s Grandfather whose birthday was 3 June and since then it stayed for the month of June. The Honour’s list is proclaimed twice in an year in Australia which is the Australia Day which is 26th January and the Queen’s Birthday which is another public day. The few honour’s which are proclaimed are as follows:

1. Order of Australia.

2. Conspicuous Service Cross

3. Conspicuous Service Medal

4. The Public Service Medal

5. The Distinguished Service Cross

6. The Distinguished Service Medal

7. The Medal for Gallantry

8. Commendations for Gallantry and Distinguished Service

Here are the advantage of the Queen’s birthday as it has to be falling generally on a long weekend with Australian Football League game which is played at the the Melbourne Cricket Club between Collingwood Magpies and also the Melbourne Demons. The opening weekend of the snow season in Australia which gives many opportunities from skiing to other snow games helps the people to enjoy great snow festivities to continue.The Queen Birthday Birthday Australia Holiday is also overshadowed by the New Year’s Eve Displays in the recent years but still the grandeur and the live performance helps to enjoy the festival with great ways just making it an event to remember.

The few issues which could create problem for the foreigners is that most of the public transport system are closed on this day and the commuting may be a problem. The Queen’s birthday is a holiday in the western Australia on a different date and is announced by the Governor. The most of the establishments are closed such as schools, post offices and many other organizations. The day is celebrated with much pomp and show and adds to the enjoyment of the children who love to watch the colorful parade and the environment is nothing less than a carnival making it the day to remember Queen of the British Monarchy.

Queen Birthday Date and Day (Australian NCT, New South Wales and Victoria):-

2025 Festival Date: Monday, 6 October

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 7 October

2023 Festival Date: Monday, 2 October

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 3 October

2021 Festival Date: Monday, 4 October

2020 Festival Date: Monday, 5 October

2019 Festival Date: Monday, 7 October

Type : King Birthday

Frequency: Annual