Queen Victoria Building Shopping Sydney, Australia

Queen Victoria Building Shopping Sydney, Australia

Queen Victoria Building Sydney is the late nineteenth century building and was designed by the architect George McRae, who is a Scottish architect. It is now located at 429-481 at Sydney Central Business District, New South Wales. The building was constructed between 1893 and 1898 and the domes were built by Ritchie Brothers who own a steel and metal company which also built trains, farm equipment and trams. The building has a city block which is bounded by George, Market, York and Druitt Streets. The original design is of a marketplace and it has served a variety of purpose which underwent remodeling as it suffered decay but certainly saw a comeback in late twentieth century.

The property is owned by city of Sydney and is now added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 5th March, 2010. The building is designed on the scale of Cathedral and was built with no particular style which is predominant and the council’s choice of Victorian Romanesque style conveyed the influences of American Architect Henry Hobson Richardson. The dominant feature of the building has a central dome which also consists of an interior glass dome with various sizes on the rooftop and includes one on each upper corner with the rectangular building. The site which can be compared with an entire city block was previously occupied by the produce market along with the Central Police Court.

It is said that if you are looking for the best shopping in Sydney then the place to visit is Queen Victoria building and it has fulfilled the desire of shopaholics who could also be said as Architectural Enthusiasts. It is all because the building is architecturally splendid and has also a rich history but has seen restoration throughout the years as it was demolished in 1950’s and reconstructed again. It is built after spending $48 Million Australian and took 6 years of restoration with lots of arches, pillars and grand central dome along with sculptures with modernizing services for the savvy shoppers. The places to see here are considered historical and is located on upper level along with southern half of the building:

. The Royal Clock or the Great Australian Clock includes 33 scenes from the Australian history as aboriginal hunter which circles the exterior of the clock continuously with never-ending passage of time.

. The fully operational vintage lift or the elevator makes it look more beautiful.

. The Queen’s letter is located at top level near main dome and Queen Elizabeth wrote a letter to Lord Mayor of Sydney which is to be opened and read aloud to people of Sydney in 2085.

. The glorious stained glass windows and splendid architectures of 21 domes is also found to be one of the major tourist attractions.

The product which could be found at Queen Victoria Building are fashionable apparels, home-ware, jewellery, fresh flowers along with patisseries which fulfills the delightful four levels of shopping. Few of the brands to be found here are Nine West, Ralph Lauren, Longchamp, Sunglass Hut, Swaroski and Versace which sells artefacts along with collectibles and antiques making it an all in all place for shopping.

Location:- Sydney City, Australia

Open Year:- 1893

Distances from Queen Victoria Building:-

Sydney City : 0.85 KM

Melbourne City : 878.2 KM

Brisbane City : 914.6 KM

Perth City : 3934.2 KM

Adelaide City : 1375.4 KM

Gold Coast City : 842.4 KM