Reaching Australia by Cruise Ship

Reaching Australia by Cruise Ship

The Shipping is one of the most primitive way of transport and people from all over the world use to board ship for reaching country and continents. The reaching Australia by ship was first done by the Dutch Explorer by 1606 by Captain Willem Janszoon. Gradually, Australia opened for all kinds of shipping which includes freight and transport services as well as people enjoying cruise liner to reach Australia with all the fun attached to it. The world-known Dreamliners in terms of cruise has become a great way to reach Australia and with many of the countries major cities along with tourist destinations on the coast makes it a best way to reach at the leisurely pace.

The Merchant ships are the best way to reaching Australia by ship apart from approaching Australian coast with keeping in mind time and money is worth a mention as the fastest way to reach is certainly airplane but people these days love style and leisure combined together to give an elegance to their lifestyle. The freighter or cruiser ship which is in vogue these days are seen to be in practice from the 20th Century and it must have caught the attention of people from Southampton to Sydney which may take several weeks. The no regular passenger ships from UK or the Europe to Australia with occasional round the world cruises have given a new boost to the maritime experience in shipping.

The ships which are known to sail westward or around the world via the Panama Canal with others sailing eastwards via either the Suez Canal or South Africa along with Cape of Good Hope. This is the most comfortable but also the expensive option as the cruise liners these days have luxury abound but certainly are very hefty in terms of money as they charge a lot.The freighters which although take a limited number of passengers are getting very thin on ground and are merely a handful whether from direct Europe-Australia freighters which also carries a few passengers are better option for those who love to spend less on travel as compared with cruise ship from SE Asia to Australia.

Today’s generation of ships are very much in the form of cruise-liners with all the luxury and safety features included in it which makes the ship voyage nothing less than a dream. The routes to reach are also full of comfort in the sense that much of the canals are used in shipping these days and also the ships are guided through proper lighthouse and various other structures making the journey very much comfortable. The astronomical figure which use to be in the form of coal and other fuels have also changed as the ships are now-a-days nuclear fuel based which gives a faster and smoothest way to sail.

The few other things which could be associated with the reaching Australia by Ship is the cruise one’s with round-the-world voyage and helping to explore the various islands and ports while travelling to Australia.

Australian the Most Busiest International Harbours:-


Harbour Name:- Overseas Passenger Terminal - Sydney

Harbour Address:- 130 Argyle St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia


Harbour Name:- Brisbane Cruise Terminal

Harbour Address:- Flare Building, Level 1/39 Hercules St, Hamilton QLD 4007, Australia


Harbour Name:- Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne)

Harbour Address:- 530 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Harbour Name:- Fremantle Passenger Terminal -Perth, Australia

Harbour Address:- 50 Peter Hughes Dr, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia.


Harbour Name:- Port Adelaide Passenger Terminal

Harbour Address:- Outer Harbor SA 5018, Australia


Harbour Name:- Port Darwin

Harbour Address:- 68 Marina Blvd, Larrakeyah NT 0820, Australia