Rottnest Island Tour, Australia

About Rottnest Island, Australia: "Rottnest Island" or "Wadjemup" is located off coast of the Western Australia state which is just 25 KM distance from Perth city. Its total area land is 19 SQ. KM. (7.3 SQ. Miles) which was Established in 1830. Lots of tourists come to visit it from all over world which is famous for boating, fishing, diving, cycling and other water sports.

How can Reach: "Rottnest Island" is located in western of the Perth city which is just 25 KM distance from Perth city. Western Australia capital city "Perth" is well connected with All major cities Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by road.

"Perth Airport" is international airport which provides international and all domestic major cities flights services which just 42 KM distance from Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island also has "Rottnest Island Airport" which is a small airport for light aircraft. Tourists can get this airport services to short distance.

Nearest Major Airport: "Perth Airport" is the forth largest international airport of the Australia country which is just 42 KM distance from Rottnest Island. Tourists can get flights to foreign countries and all major domestic cities from Perth Airport.

"Rottnest Island Airport" is a small airport for light aircraft which is located on Island. Some tourists can get this airport services.

Taxi Services: Taxis services are available from Rottnest Island Airport (5.0 KM) to Rottnest Island tour.

Cycle Services: Cycles services are available on Rottnest Island to tour.

Nearest Ferry Terminal: Rottnest Island Ferry terminal to "Port of Perth" and "Hillary Boat Harbour".

Rottnest Island Total Area : 19 SQ. KM

Established Year : 1830

Tourist Attractions: Humpback whale, Dolphin, salt lakes, Oliver's Hill, Rottnest Island Cemetery (Museum), Rottnest Island Museum (Museum), Vlamingh Lookout, Bathurst Lighthouse, Pinky Beach (Public beach), The Basin (Scenic spot), Longreach Bay, Geordie Bay Jetty, Little Parakeet Bay, City of York Bay beach, Wadjemup Lighthouse, Rocky Bay beach etc.

Things to Do: Cycling tour, Boating, Fishing, Scuba diving, Ferry Riding, tip to visit Dolphin and whale, swimming, sand bating, Surfing, Snorkelling

Rottnest Island Weather Temperature:

Months Temp. Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 19.1 19.5 18.7 17.3 15.3 13.4 12.3 12.5 12.9 14.0 16.0 17.6
Average High (℃) 26.5 27.4 26.1 23.8 21.1 18.7 17.7 18.0 18.9 20.6 23.1 25.0

Nearest Accommodations: Karma Rottnest Hotel , Rottnest Island Authority Holiday Units , Discovery Rottnest Island Hotel , Hotel Rottnest , Caroline Thomson Cabins, Discovery Eco-village Rottnest Island , Chalet , Chalet , Chalet , Kingstown Barracks .

Distances from Rottnest Island

Perth City : 25.0 KM

Perth Airport : 42.0 KM

Adelaide City : 2718.0 KM

Sydney City : 3956.0 KM

Melbourne City : 3428.7 KM

Brisbane City : 4336.0 KM

Gold Coast City : 4391.0 KM