Blue Mountains Climbing, Australia

Blue Mountains Climbing Tour, Australia

The Blue Mountains which are a part of heritage area and is an area which is around one million hectares(3861 Square Miles) with tall forests along with sandstone cliffs,canyons and waterfalls which makes the magnificent blue mountains.The Eucalyptus trees which are a part of blue horizon which feels like appearing to a stretch forever and is expected to be enchanted by natural beauty with Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.The activity which is easy to do here is see iconic views and climb on the Blue Mountains and there are walking trails where one could go for the long walk with your partner and find the impressive rock formations.

The sprawling metropolitan area of Sydney with blue mountains which has become a must-see attractions and there are guided tours to see iconic views and climb on the Blue Mountains makes the breathtaking natural beauty.The neighbourhood around the blue mountains which are a part of the colony referred as the scenic charm all around as nature has bestowed it’s beauty in abundance and feels if the best neighbourhood is to stay in Blue mountains.The staying in Blue mountains are worth as it has surroundings which has waterfalls like Wentworth Falls along with Katoomba being the Blue Mountains for the first time.

The Blue Mountains has also got it’s name because of the Eucalyptus trees along with the stunning mountain scenery has a peculiar blue haze surrounding it because of the Eucalyptus tree found in abundance in this region. The rugged rock formations with abundant wildlife, ravines and waterfalls with a hiking trail of 140 Km and also the heritage tracks which makes the haven for the nature lovers.The Greater Blue mountains drive is interconnected with the 18 discovery trails along with sweeping vistas via cableway or the skyway could be a better way to reach the park and it has also got the steepest railway in the world.

The few other places which are known for better explorations around the Blue Mountains National Park has many other iconic places. The names of few such places are:

1. Three Sisters: The Three Sisters near Katoomba according to Aboriginal legend has three brothers in another tribe and three sisters got bewitched by tribal leader to protect them from the brothers and thus they turned into stones.

2. Scenic World: The scenic world offers most popular adventures and has ancient rainforest on Scenic railway along with cableway.

3. Govetts leap lookout: The steeply plunging Grose valley with Govetts leap lookout has an echo point-out along with panorama extending across main ridge, with sandstone cliffs and dense Eucalyptus forests.

4. Wentworth falls: The beautiful waterfalls with lip of escarpment, Jamison Creek which tumbles with upper and lower falls into huge pool with gushes down a creek into valley of the waters.

5. Leura: The Leura Mall is an enticing jumble of antique stores, with other attractions being health spas and beautiful cool-climate gardens and is designed by Danish-born Paul Soresnsen.

So, the best place to visit in Australia for the peace and tranquility is to see iconic views and climb on the Blue Mountains and feel the nature from near and far.

Location: Blue Mountains NSW, Australia

Best Time to Visit:

Spring Season: September to November

Autumn Season: March to May

Winter Season: June to August

Summer Season: December-February