Vegemite on Toast Australian Food

About Vegemite: Vegemite is a food product which seems to be the most loved food in the Australian Continent. The most iconic of the Australian foods which is made with dark-brown savory spread and got invented in 1922. It is made of a thick spread which contains yeast extract flavored with onion, celery and the other ingredients which are fat-free along with being sugar-free and also vegetarian. Glutten is the only issue related to this food otherwise the food is completely savoury and even New Zealand has find this food to be absolutely a perfect one as the country is somewhat very much fond of making out negative traits about any particular food or it’s harmful effects.

How to make Vegemite: The Vegemite is considered a superfood and is a spread which could be just use like jelly, jam or butter over the desired food. The Vegemite is easy to make with simple ingredients and here are the main ingredients along with how to make the Vegemite:

. 200 Gram Black tahini

. 100 Gram Tamari or Coconut Aminos

. 25 Gram Apple Cider Vinegar

. 15 Gram Nutritional Yeast Flakes

. Celery as per requirements

. 1-2 big Onion

Just mix all the ingredients together in a food processor and then blend it untill it becomes a paste. Pour it out and then put it in the freeze in a bowl and let it freeze till it becomes a bit greasy. Once it gets a thick spread then one can pull it out from the spoon and spread it over the desired food such as loaf or bread and enjoy the delicious food.

Indulging into Vegemite: Indulging into Vegemite is the love for it’s taste and it can be enjoying the salty taste with little bitterness which adds to the fun because of celery and onion into it.The light spread of toast or crackers with some added dose of butter with cheese slices or the avocado makes your toast with the perfect use of Vegemite to give that particular taste which could not be defined but gives a mouthful. The dippy eggs adds to the fun for the food and with the flavor soup stocks or the meat pies it makes the most out of it for the best of the foodies to help him enjoy the delicious food which adds to the taste for any particular food items.

Nutritional Information Vegemite: The Vegemite is rich in Vitamin B which includes Thiamin B1, Riboflavin B2, Niacin B3 and Folate.The 5G serving of the Vegemite gives 25% of the recommended daily intake of Riboflavin along with Niacin and 50% of the RDI Folate. It does not contain any colors or flavors and certainly is not gluten-free. It is said that since more than 80 years the original recipe of Vegemite has remain unchanged and a salt-version has got introduced in the year 2014. In this way, one could make the Vegemite easily at home and enjoy it for a long more time with favorite food of yours.