Water Rafting on the Tully River Tour, Australia

The water rafting on the Tully River is considered as one of the Australia’s best river for white water rafting. The rafting team comprises of 8 people (including guide) and is helped by the guide who stay on the rubber boat while you raft all along with paddle over the river. The rapids which are considered to be a wide gush of water flowing with high speed and with twist and turns which could include whirlpool is worth enjoying as it certainly gives adrenaline rush with the grade 3 or grade 4 ratings. The rafting is all about giving all attention to the riverside scenery where one could get the scenic sense all along the river banks.

The person could go for the full day rafting adventure as it could take 11 hours in rafting for the entire stretch of the river which is of 133 Km.The Tully River is located in the Far North Queensland, Australia.The Tully River which rises in the Cardwell Range which is a part of the Great Dividing Range along with Northern Boundary of Kirrama State Forest.The water rafting on the Tully River is perfect as the Kareeya Hydro Power Stations give enough water to continue with the flow and it guarantees water level all the year around making it a perfect side for rafting adventures.

The Tully river is also known to host the Australian Canoe and White Water Championships in 1991 and is a perfect site for rafting adventures.The water rafting on the Tully River is surrounded by spectacular beauty within the rafting stretch attracts thousands of tourists and it is a good site for amateurs as well to go for rafting expedition. There are certain points where you can take the plunge in the water and you can float on the water without swimming although the rafts stay close together for the safety as you are also tied with it. The rafting is not allowed for children under 13 years and also pregnant women.

The water rafting on the Tully River includes the following:

1. Approximately 5 hours of the white water rafting

2. Lunch beside the river

3. All are provided with tuition as there is no experience necessary in rafting.

4. Accommodation along with transfers

5. Photos along with merchandise is available for purchase.

The white water rafting as told above is full of excitement and is full fay of thrills along with spills and excitement once you navigate with water raft.The Riverside BBQ lunch is provided with vegetarian options available along with having burger, salad, fresh fruits makes the appetite fulfilled as the activity burns a lot of calories. The instructions with rafting guide is provided to the team and it has to be followed without any qualms as it helps to stay safe during the rafting course.So, understanding that rafting is all about enjoyment without taking any risk makes the water rafting on the Tully River go forward with all the excitement and adventure going together with many beautiful moments to remember with family and friends together.

Tour operator Address: Cairns, Australia

Best Time to Visit:

Summer Season: December-February